Restoration of a late 18th Century Chest of Drawers

I've been doing a lot of restoration lately and a recent project of mine was this chest of drawers. I believe that it is English but it could be American. The arguments for it being English are that it has oak drawer sides and it has a veneered perimeter concealing the joinery of the drawer dividers. The arguments for it being American are that the dovetails aren't very delicate, not at all the refined pins of an English piece. The pulls have American motifs including E Pluribus Unum on the ribbon held by the eagle and 13 stars above the eagle. The brasses are replaced so it may mean nothing. The drawer bottoms are pine or deal depending on which country you attribute it to. 


I repositioned the drawer dividers, replaced the drawer runners, patched many veneer losses, replaced missing cockbeading, repositioned the drawer bottoms, filled shrinkage cracks, replaced a missing escutcheon and installed an antique lock in the upper center drawer, polished the brasses, colored repairs,  repaired large areas of bleaching and polished with shellac and wax. Images of the project are below. 


Restored chest. 

Before restoring.  

Before restoring.  


Damaged perimeter with drawer dividers protruding from the frame and damaging the veneer. Drawers are missing cockbeading.  


Protruding divider. 


Damage on the other side. 


Restored perimeter on the left side.  


Restored right side. 


Front right before.  


Right front after.  


Veneer losses to the base.  


Restored base. 


Bleached side, broken and missing veneers around the top and perimeter of front.  


Restored side. 


Drawer pull back plate with eagle, 13 stars and E Pluribus Unum on the ribbon.