Installing shelf pins in oak breakfront bookcase

In an effort to make a bookcase that allows for easy access of books and doesn't damage them as they are put in and pulled out I'm inlaying the shelf pins. These pins were cast in England and look like proper 18th century hardware. These guys use the proper ratio of copper and zinc. Many brasses look inappropriate for furniture made to high standards and ultimately detract from the overall project. I'll show the process below. It took many hours (about two days for all the shelves) but it will ultimately be worth it.


The shelf pin shown here as you can see looks pretty good.


Laying out the pin for inlaying. 


Setting in with chisels and a gouge. 


First pass. 


Setting the depth with a small router plane. 


Laying out the shelf pin to inlay into the end grain. 


Inlaid pin.  


Shelf pin installed and flush with the shelf bottom and sides. The inner panel is also flush with the frame so that any books won't catch on anything.